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Dear Linux and Open Source fan,

Thank you for telling us about your operating system and Open Source software. We are not interested in using it and would appreciate it if you refrained from attempting any further persuasion.

We would also appreciate it if you would respect our decision not to use your operating system or any and all Open Source software if we so choose, for whatever reason. In making this decision we are not necessarily inexperienced in computer usage, feeling betrayed or are agents for any proprietary software company.

You are free to promote your operating system and Open Source software if you so choose. However, coupled with the aforementioned respect of other people’s decisions, we would also thank you to be honest when you evangelise. This includes, but is not limited to, the following points:

  • Do not tell us that Linux is for everyone. It is not.

  • Do not tell us that Linux is unbreakable. It is not.

  • Do not tell us that Linux is bug-free. It is not.

  • Do not tell us that Linux runs any application. It does not.

  • Do not tell us that Open Source software is a suitable replacement for any proprietary software. While there are many exceptions, sometimes it is not.

  • Do not tell us that it works for you. That it might work for you does not mean that it works for everybody else.

  • Do not tell us that we don't need a certain application or feature. We are the judge of what we need, not you.

  • Do not tell us that a fault will be fixed in an upcoming release. We judge Linux on what it is, not on what it will be, or could be, or might be.

Despite your objections, we do not feel it is wrong to pay for software or to sell software. We do not consider it wrong to use closed-source operating systems or applications. We prefer to judge software by its merit and usability and not by its license or source model.

We do not wish ill on Linux and Open Source users and developers. We simply desire that people explore and use operating systems and software which fits their needs and preferences, without coercion, misinformation and ideological baggage, either from proprietary or Open Source users and developers.

We are proud not to be Linux fans, and this is our manifesto.

p.s. We don't care about human freedom and morality - these are all craps. If something works better for us, it doesn't matter if it hurts society. We are so "open minded" that we are interest only in technical aspects of software.

changed September 1, 2011 history edit